Time between the end and the beginning

So this has been one of those weeks…

1- 2 Days after Christmas, we picked up our daughter Madison Noelle Blake after her 18 month mission to Malaga Spain (see the faces of my family below and you’ll see we LOVE having Maddie back)..

2- Worked my last day at Jewel Kade.. a wonderful 18 months for me and a great ending.. (We have no idea what we’ll do next, and while we love Alpine and hope to stay, we’ve learned not to pray against new opportunities to meet new people and experience new places…).

3 – FAMILY Vacation — with our entire family together again, we decided to take a road trip together to SoCal. Thanks to Mark Blake and Julianne Ballard Blake, and Brent Ballard and Susan Ballard for opening their homes to us. We drove through our first Orange County snow storm on our way, but sunshine prevailed and we had a great time. Thanks to Melanie Ballardand Kerri Anderson Salter for inviting us to a super fun reception Saturday night… We didn’t go to Disneyland, didn’t get up early or stay up late, just spent time as a family and with friends and had a FUN, FUN time together.

4- This morning all our college students drove back to their apartments in Provo.. Sydney returned to Junior High, and Kate to kindergarten. I had the sacred opportunity to give Maddie a ‘back to school’ blessing and then we drove together to Provo to move her in to her new apartment.

Christmas is coming down today and tomorrow my job hunt officially begins. Despite the anxiety stirred by the uncertainty that lies before us, I can’t help pausing today to be grateful, to be happy and to acknowledge the blessings my Father in Heaven has given. Life is not easy, but it is good. We can do hard things.. and be happy.

B2Maddie coming family Maddie home Ali and maddie Maddie and kate

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