Let it Snow! I’m not afraid

This morning it finally arrived – SNOW!

Some of you know I moved from LA in July and may be surprised at my excitement for the white stuff. Well I’m not fully embracing the cold, and admit the winter may get old, but today I’m not only ready, I’m excited to welcome the white stuff.


For the past month or so, I’ve actually feared the snow. You see my driveway is looonnnnggggg (see photo below) and I had no equipment to remove snow from that driveway. I had been looking online, searching home improvement stores, trying to find the right equipment to allow me to clear the snow when it comes.

Finally, a week ago it all came together. I found a small snowplow for the front of my truck – perfect for a single driveway, and because I bought it used, it cost much less than the snow blowers I had been considering. Then, I found the perfect shovel on Bob Vila’s website and as of last Friday I had everything here and installed. That morning, my fear magically disappeared and was replaced by anticipation.

It’s funny; I actually went from being fearful of snow to wanting the snow to come. This morning I woke up early enough to play basketball with the guys in the neighborhood before the sun came up and there was no snow. When I came out of the gym, it was here: snow, beautiful, white, flaky snow.

On January 2, 1831, the Joseph Smith told a small gathering of believers gathered in Fayette, NY, something I now perfectly understand, “if (you) are prepared (you) shall not fear.”



Plow. Check.
Shovel. Check.
Fear. Gone.

Snow.. Bring it on…

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