Mission Accomplished: Fence Closed

For those of you following my fence story, I’m happy to report that it happened this morning at about 7:50 am. I was sitting in my truck, warming it up before I left for the airport to attend the Super Saturday tomorrow in Fresno and not one, but two of my neighbor boys came walking through my backyard.

They are brothers, and the youngest was in front, walking along without a care in the world. The older boy saw me about half way through the yard and stopped in his tracks – clearly worried that he was going to get in trouble.

I climbed out of my truck and yelled, “I’m so glad you two are walking through my yard.” That statement made the youngest smile, but the older boy had that look on his face that said, “but?”

I met them at the gate and said, “Listen, you two have a pass to walk through our yard whenever you want to, OK? But will you do me one favor? Will you shut the gate behind you so the deer won’t keep walking through it?” They were both with me now, though the oldest was a bit puzzled because he knew that the fence had been open all winter – I had vowed not to close it until I caught them. Once he figured out what I was asking, he shut it tightly and they were off. As I pulled out of the driveway, the youngest turned and said, “See you later, have a great day.”

I snapped a photo of the closed gate and drove off knowing I had just made a great trade: My gate will remain closed and my new friends will never worry as they make their way to and from school through my yard.

Mission accomplished!

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