Kate and my Gate

I want to give you an update on two of my favorite issues lately, Kate Hansen and my gate.

First the gate. As you can see in the photo below, it is closed… has been pretty much everyday since I “caught my neighbor boys” walking through my backyard and gave them the “assignment” to help keep it closed. I actually saw them helping each other shut and latch it this morning on their way through. I love the fact that these two boys have taken the responsibility of keeping my gate locked so seriously. Makes me happy every time I see this:


Second Kate Hansen. Kate came in 10th in the Olympic Luge event, but 1st in the hearts and minds of so many who have come to know her the past few days. Even Beyonce posted her photo on her Facebook page and wrote “Go Kate.” My favorite article on Kate was published in the LA Times, and included this awesome commentary:

“There’s nothing in the Olympic motto about winning. None of the five Olympic rings is gold. Sometimes it’s not about the speed of the sled, but the view from the sled, especially if it’s in the eyes of a 21-year-old Southern California kid riding atop a snow-covered sport on the other side of the world.

Sometimes, as Kate Hansen reminded everyone, it’s not about greatness you take from these Games, but the gratitude you leave behind.”

Kate Dancing

Thanks to Kate for the smiles and the genuine gratitude for it all and to my neighbor boys for minding my gate.

Life is good.

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