Memorial Day is for Remembering



Memorial Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I’m grateful we have a day set aside to remember our fallen heroes who gave the ultimate gift for freedom to endure. Their sacrifice not only has made the world a better place for my son and daughters, but because of this country’s willingness to protect democracy and freedom around the world, their sacrifice has opened opportunities in far away places. Thank you to our fallen soldiers and thank you to the families of these soldiers whose lives have also been forever altered with one empty chair around their dinner table.. too often that of the primary bread winner.

For our family, Memorial Day is also a day to remember those in our family who have passed. Yesterday we drove to a little cemetery on the bluff of a hill overlooking the Great Salt Lake in a small town where my grandfather served as a larger than life mayor for many, many years. We visited the graves of my grandparents and my brother who was lost when he was not quite 4 years old. We told our children about their lives and visited the park that bears my grandfather’s name.

There is something powerful in taking time to recall that much of what we have, we have inherited (not earned) from those who have gone before; in remembering our place in history; and in remembering our opportunity to make history. With gratitude for the inheritance we collectively received as a result of the lives of those who are past, may we borrow a bit of courage to dream and to act in a way that will leave this world a little better for those who someday will remember us on this holiday.

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  1. joanne farley says:

    Brett – Thank you for sharing precious things. The part about sharing with your children tales about your ancestors is especially touching. I don’t have family buried here but if so I would gladly tell the youngsters about these special people. Love, Mome

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