Who to friend

This week’s 10 Minute Missionary Moment is another finding exercise. I’d like you to take a minute or two (or 10) NOW and look at your “Friend Invites” the silhouettes of the two people in the blue bar at the top of this webpage.

BEFORE YOU DO, say a simple prayer similar to this: “Father, Will you help me to connect with someone I can help, now or in the future?”

1) review those who have asked to be your friend.
2) search for those from high school, previous wards, past work colleagues who come to your mind, and
3) click on friends (under the “FRIENDS” category to the left of this post) and look at their friends to see if there is someone you feel you should friend request.

We will do this often, and the goal is to add one or two people and build your circle of influence. Don’t feel like you have to send these new friends any missionary messages.. just become their friends. Most often the time to invite is not at the time we friend. We friend first and then pray for opportunities and as our circle of influence widens the opportunities for missionary work increase and present themselves naturally.

Good luck! Would love to hear of your progress with this or just to hear your missionary experiences in general.

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