Responding to Cynicism

Elder Robert N PackerThis week’s 10 Minute Missionary assignment is designed to help you sharpen your saw, to understand the type of tools the Church has available to help you as a missionary. In a stake leadership training in Southern California, Elder Robert N. Packer taught that we should respond to every negative, unholy, spiteful comment about the church with a simple invitation to watch, read or attend something.

“I hear you Mormons won’t allow anyone to come to your church?”

Response: “Would you like to come to a church meeting with me and see for yourself that is not true?”

“Do you have more than one wife?”

Response: “No, in fact, can I e-mail you an article that will explain why people think that about Mormons? Will you read it and let me know if it makes sense to you?”

Most of us have heard: “Don’t mormon’s wear funny underwear?” or as a friend of mine from graduate school said, “I shared a hotel room with a Mormon colleague and saw him in his Mormon underwear. Why do you have those?”

As of this week, the Church gave us an amazing video that we can now send to our friends. So I could now respond, “Jimmy (my Jewish friend), I’m going to send you a link to a short 4 minute video that will both show you and explain the significance of our religious clothing. Will you watch that and let me know if you have any questions?”

Then I would send them a link to this new video that I’d like to invite you all to watch — with your children if you can gather them for 4 minutes:

I testify that the Spirit will find a path to the heart of the Children of Israel, if we will respond to their questions — honest or hostile, but simply inviting them to watch, listen, read or attend for themselves. We can help them feel their Father’s love for them.


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