Send a Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week’s 10 Minute Missionary Moment is in staying with the Holiday. Your assignment is to give thanks.

thank you cardToday, before you go to bed, say a pray and ask Heavenly Father who He would like you to send a handwritten “Thank You,” card to. You may be surprised, it might be a close family member, a former grade-school teacher, the teacher of a son or daughter or a friend you have lost touch with.

There are few things that can open hearts and rekindle relationships like a sincere expression of gratitude. I challenge you to take advantage of this time of year and let a note (one is enough but more than one maybe warranted) touch someone in your circle of influence.

Since many of you are already addressing Christmas cards I also want to challenge you to consider who should be on your Christmas card list. Could you expand the circle of influence by adding a few more names to your Christmas card list this year? Is there a family or individual in our ward you haven’t seen for a while, who doesn’t attend our ward, or who may attend but doesn’t feel welcomed who would be made to feel more loved because of a card they received from your family. I know there are those within the boundaries of the Alpine 10th ward who feel alone and overlooked. Pray that you will have eyes to see them and consider what an extra Christmas card might mean to them this holiday season.

There is no better way to celebrate the season of Christ’s birth and to express gratitude for His matchless atonement than to share His love just a little with others.

I’m thankful to you for the example you set for me and my family, for the service extended to my family and for the kindness you afford me in reading and allowing me to share these simple weekly missionary challenges.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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