Help Christians center their Christmas

There is no time when it is easier to be a missionary for the Gospel of Jesus Christ than at Christmas time. Christians around the world are looking for small ways to center themselves on Christ during Christmas.

Thanks to the amazing media developed by the Church we can help them.   I told you a few weeks ago about the #ShareTheGift video and social media campaign that has been seen by more than a million people now. I shared that with more than a dozen friends of other faiths and continued to receive “thank you” messages until everyone I sent it to had watched and expressed gratitude to me for sharing it with them.

I want you to experience the simple pleasure of knowing you helped someone feel Christ’s love for just a few minutes during the Christmas season. So, this week’s ten- minute missionary assignment is to send an email, Facebook direct message, or text message to someone you know this week. I’ll even give you the words if you would like to just copy and paste.

If you are like me, it is so hard to find time to remember Christ at Christmas. When I came across this short 5-minute music video, I thought “I want to share that,” and I thought that you might enjoy it also.   I hope you do and that you have a Merry Christmas!

Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing the joy of sharing this time of you. Send this to the person who came to your mind as you read this, or pray for guidance and then review your list of friends.

I testify that Emmanuel has come. Jesus Christ is our Savior. He will come again and on that day we will be overwhelmed with His love for each soul. May our faith in Him be sufficient to overcome our fears.


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