Meet with the Missionaries

I love President Cordner’s story of the young missionary who came to his home for dinner with his family and challenged him to follow the mission president’s counsel to call a full-time missionary couple to serve our stake from our stake.  President Cordner responded like I would respond, “our stake is a little different.”

The young missionary responded (and I paraphrase), “I don’t know about that, I just know that I believe my mission president was called by God through a prophet and I believe his counsel is inspired.”

The result of that dinner was the call to Elder and Sister Jenks to serve as full-time missionaries in our stake.

I have been on the front row to observe the amazing things Elder and Sister Jenks have accomplished as full-time missionaries.  They serve with great enthusiasm and with a love akin to the love Christ would display if he were among us.  They have walked into homes formally closed to church members and have invited those they’ve met in the parking lot at Rigleys to be taught by the full-time missionaries.  They have proven to me that missionary work is alive and well in our faith filled community.


Under the direction of our Stake Presidency and with their help, Elder and Sister Jenks have created a missionary lesson for our families.  Their lesson is short and powerful and our Stake Presidency would like all of our families to have the chance to be taught this lesson by Elder and Sister Jenks.

This week’s ten minute missionary assignment is to schedule your visit with Elder and Sister Jenks.  You can schedule that through me via email, text or a Facebook response to this post (just comment and I’ll reach out), or you can contact them directly.

I testify that there is no work more miracle filled, no work that will bring the spirit as quickly into your life, no more important work, than that of helping to prepare the Kingdom of God on the earth for the day when Christ will come to receive it.  Take ten minutes to schedule your family visit and discover the blessings for yourself and your family.

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