Go Connect with an Old Friend

This week’s Ten-Minute Missionary Assignment is to reconnect with someone from your past simply for the purpose of letting him or her know you are thinking about him or her.

Who should you reach out to?Go Find a Friend

1. Those from your mission – is there someone you taught or new well who could use a friend?

2. Someone from a previous ward or place your lived – perhaps someone in a class you taught, a neighbor or previous friend.

3. Co-workers who have moved or not close to you any longer.

4. Family members (cousins, aunts, uncles) who you have lost touch with.

I invite you to say a simple prayer and ask: “Father in Heaven, is there someone I could help if I were reconnected to them?” Then search your mind and reach out to the first person(s) who comes to mind. You can call them, write them, or use social media to connect.

Oh – and don’t feel a need to preach. Teaching moments will come naturally and may take months or years. This is simply an exercise in showing love and concern.

Go show love to someone today!


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