Pass along good content others post

This week’s ten minute missionary assignment is for you to share content you find uplifting.  For example, I went to where there are lots of content the Church has shared on their Facebook page.  I chose one of the videos though there are also pictures (with a question) and I pushed “Share.”

Take time now to find content worth sharing and when you do, include your own message of introduction.

I’ve chosen to use the video at the top of the page today with this message:

“Some of you know that our family has moved more than most. There are days I long to be one of the families who have stayed in the same place for years, but we have felt God’s hand in our moves. On days when I can see more clearly, I realize we have been richly blessed because of our moves. Our moves have increased our circle of friends, have taught our children valuable life lessons and have increased our reliance on God.

This little video spoke to me as I realized that my wise Father in Heaven has helped my family in ways I could not. Thanks be to God for the Gift of His Son and their collective interest in me.. and in you.”

Your turn — go share some goodness.


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