Showing Christlike Love for Valentines

100_4097copy2-002This Valentine week’s Ten Minute Missionary assignment starts with a short video (less than 3 minutes) titled “How do I love thee.” The link is below.

I challenge you to:

1 – Watch the Video
2- Consider not only your spouse, family, romantic interest, but ask God in prayer “who is one person I know who is struggling, whose faith is faltering or who is without the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their life?” When a name (or a few names) come to mine, and after watching the video,
3- Ask God what Christ-like action you can take to show the person you’ve thought of “how” you love them.
4- Then act.

There is no soul living today, that is not loved completely by Jesus Christ. He has showed us how to love, he is the Father’s expression of love for us, and in Him we have hope to return to the loving presence of our Eternal Father in Heaven. Let us follow Him and invite all we know to come unto Him and be loved by Him.

Watch the video here:

Happy Valentines!

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