Invite Friends to Easter Service

risenToday’s Ten-Minute Missionary assignment is to invite someone to join you for Easter service. For many, the two times of year they will commit to going to church is on Easter and Christmas, so why not invite them to join you.

Take a minute now to consider family, friends or neighbors who you are close to and consider calling, writing or sending an email invitation. It could be simple such as:

“This year we are celebrating Easter with a special worship service the week before on March 29. Our 70 minute Easter Service starts at 9 am and will feature our choir and an Easter message or sermon from a few members of the congregation.   I would love to invite you to worship with us and enjoy this special Easter service. Would you like to come?”

If you are participating on the program it gives you even more of a reason to reach out with an invitation like:

“I have been invited to participate in our Church Easter Service on March 29 at 9 am. I’ve been asked to sing/play/speak as part of a special program to celebrate the Savior’s resurrection. If you are free that Sunday morning, and don’t have another place to celebrate Easter, it would mean a lot to have you attend this special worship service.”

If you are inviting someone who has not attended a LDS Sacrament meeting you might add a paragraph such as:

“If you have not attended a worship service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints you may be relieved to know that you will not be asked to participate nor will you be requested to make any financial donation. Most members wear “Sunday attire” defined as slacks or suits with shirts and ties for men and dresses for women.”

Christ has risen. He lives. Those who discover Him for themselves will be filled with peace in this life and joy in the life to come. Let us come unto Him ourselves and invite all to join us there.

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