Sharing the Original St Patrick’s Day Purpose

This week many will celebrate St Patrick’s Day — a holiday initially started to celebrate the arrival of Christianity to Ireland and one of two days when the bars of that country were closed. The holiday has become more of pagan holiday and a busy day for bars, but this week’s ten minute missionary assignment is to share the true purpose of the holiday with your family and friends. I plan on sharing this short message on Facebook and invite you to copy and paste it if you like:

Did you know that St Patrick’s day was originally set aside as a day to celebrate the missionary work of St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity (through him) to Ireland? In fact, the ‘wearing of the green” was not about wearing green clothes, but rather meant to wear a shamrock. St. Patrick used the three-leaved plant to explain the Trinity of the Christian religion.

In honor of the original purpose of this holiday, and in an acknowledgement of the many in Europe who have become expert in exercising skepticism rather than Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I invite you to take two and a half minutes to recall the experience of Christ’s early Apostle Thomas (see the video below).


I have not seen the resurrected Lord nor felt the wounds in His hands, feet or side, but I believe in Him and believe Him. I believe that He lives and believe Him when He said He will come again, and I hope to be ready when I meet Him in this life or in the next.

Those Irish who embraced St Patrick’s message were in deed “Lucky.” So here is wishing you the “Luck of the Irish!” Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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