Missionary Work Post COVID-19

While members have been isolating with their families and enjoying their own “COVID-19” family reunions, the missionary department has been dramatically changing the way missionaries spend their time. For years, we’ve known that knocking on doors was not an effective way to reach people in our day, but only a few months ago missionaries discovered an effective way to use social media — for now Facebook.

My goal is not to teach members about the work missionaries are doing, but instead to offer insight into what member missionary work looks like in the Post COVID-19 world. In my opinion, the set-a-date program can still be effective, but I have simplified member missionary work into three simple steps:

1. Become genuine friends with those not of our faith — online and offline

2. Invite your friends to spend time with you — first socially (especially in your home) and then to come to support you and your family when you are participating in church (giving a talk, doing a service project, singing, etc.)

3. Share content the Spirit can bear testimony of — in-person (the Book of Mormon, a pamphlet, etc) or even easier online (by liking, commenting and sharing content).

I have already talked about “finding friends” online so in my coming posts, I will talk more about how we might Invite and Share.

New Christ-centered symbol to help those searching for Him.

Welcome to an exciting new world of missionary work! The Lord’s reminder in D&C 123:12 (there are many kept from the truth because they know not where to find it) has never been more true. We live in a “search” society. When the elect ‘search’ they search for Christ not for a church. Thanks to President Russell M Nelson’s revealed emphasis on using the name of the church and changing the symbol used for the church, those searching can find Him, hear Him, and discover the doctrine He has given us to help us come closer to Him.

I’m excited to share my thoughts on the simple (ten minutes per day/week or less) things we can do to keep up with what I see as an evolving way of sharing the Savior’s Gospel.

Don’t be left behind,