Invite to Come and See, Come and Serve, or Come and Stay

I love the recent encouragement to focus on inviting others in a more normal and natural way. Too often we are so worried about being pushy, that we miss the opportunity to be friendly.

I have always been honored when my friends have invited me to important events at their church. I’ve attended worship services, concerts, programs, and fundraisers. So, to me, it feels natural to invite my friends to come and support me or my family when we are asked to participate in church.

We should have friends of church members attend with us EVERY WEEK — not once in a while.

Next time you or your children are asked to give a talk, perform a musical number or share a lesson — ask a friend or a dozen friends to come and see what you’re doing. Friends love to support other friends. My experience is that my friendships have always improved.

Don’t worry about inviting your friends to come again (stay) or to meet with the missionaries. Your Bishopric and the full-time missionaries are responsible for offering those invitations. Your role is simple, send a text, make a call send a direct message, and invite your friends to support you.

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