I Pray When

This week’s 10 Minute Missionary assignment:

Share the “I Pray When” video. With whom?

— someone you are praying for
— those whose names you put in the temple
— good friends of other faiths who you know pray

If none of those options brought a name to mind, then I’m going to challenge you to pray for inspiration.. you might click on your list of Facebook friends, scroll your e-mails or pull out an old yearbook. Ask Our Father in Heaven who you know who needs to view this quick reminder to pray to Him.

How do you share it? Just copy the link below (private message me if you need to know how to copy) and paste it in a Facebook Message, post it on your timeline or send it in an e-mail.

I did this last week, and had a heart felt thank you e-mail in return AND the person I sent it to posted herself on Facebook and reminded her followers that God is a Father who wants to hear from them.

You can do this… when you do, will you please share your experiences in the comments below?

Here is the link:   I Pray When

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