Finding Friends on Facebook

add-as-friendThis week’s 10 Minute Missionary assignment is probably the place we should have started, but is something you’ll want to do continually if you hope to be an effective online missionary. Your assignment is to simply connect with someone…
In your life, the Lord has brought you in contact with individuals you can help. Some you met in High School or college, others lived near you or perhaps were in previous wards you’ve lived in. Facebook gives you the chance to search out and find those who will benefit from being your friend again.

So, take 10 minutes this week and find and friend those you should influence. Some may be ready for your influence today, others just need to be connected with you so that some day, when they are prepared, you will have an opportunity to turn them toward Christ.

Pray before you start. Simply ask Father in Heaven, “who should I be friends with on Facebook? Who needs me now or in the future?” Many of you will find your prayer answered as you search friend requests, and friends of friends, and begin to broaden your circle of social influence.

Let me know who you find and how your prayers are answered.

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